Parer Studio’s edgy and ephemeral artworks explore the natural world, its fragility and our role within it. With startlingly beautiful creatures enlarged and frozen within their chosen habitats the environmental message is enhanced by the artist’s finely crafted technique in any of her chosen mediums such as public installation, painting or sculpture. The principal creative, Amanda Parer is originally from Sydney but now resides in Tasmania. The studio’s work has been displayed in major international public art museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Memphis Museum of Art and continues to attract major art commissions such as from Starfield Hanam, South Korea, Unilever and Brookfield International where her works embarked on a major US and European tours of their keystone properties.

Parer Studio’s major public art installation Intrude has been on continual display since it’s initial showing at the 2014 Vivid Festival in Sydney and has so far been exhibited in over 80 cities around the world and continues to capture the public’s and media attention where ever it goes.

Amanda’s newest art installation, Fantastic Planet was initially commissioned in 2016 by four festivals, the MMVAF (Australia), Signal (Czech Republic), Glow (Netherlands) and en Lumieres (Canada). It is also capturing international attention with it’s ability to take on an entire land or cityscape.

Parer Studio comprises of a team of international producers, engineers, lighting designers, computer and production technicians to develop create the artwork.

Mug shot Mercury